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EigenLayer, a groundbreaking Ethereum protocol, revolutionizes cryptoeconomic security through restaking. Users can earn rewards by staking ETH or liquid staking tokens (LST) and engaging with EigenLayer smart contracts, with potential airdrop opportunities for early adopters participating in testnet and mainnet activities.

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EigenLayer, a protocol built on Ethereum, introduces restaking as a novel element in cryptoeconomic security. This feature allows users to reuse ETH on the consensus layer, providing an option for those staking ETH or liquid staking tokens (LST) to engage with EigenLayer smart contracts. By restaking ETH or LST, users can extend cryptoeconomic security to additional network applications, earning extra rewards in the process.

While EigenLayer currently doesn’t have its own token, the project is likely to launch one in the future. They have introduced a points system, rewarding users who restake on EigenLayer or on platforms utilizing the EigenLayer protocol. Early adopters engaging in testnet and mainnet activities and accruing points may be eligible for an airdrop if they choose to launch their own token.

Airdrop EigenLayer step-by-step guide

Task 1: Mainnet

  1. Visit the EigenLayer mainnet page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  3. Supported tokens include stETH (Lido), rETH (Rocket Pool), cbETH (Coinbase), wBETH (Binance), osETH (Stakewise), swETH (Swell), AnkrETH (Ankr), EthX (Stader), and OETH (Origin ETH).
  4. Acquire ETH and restake it on one of the mentioned platforms to obtain their LSTs (Liquid Staking Tokens).
  5. Return to the pools and stake your tokens.
  6. You’ll start earning EigenLayer points, reflecting your contribution to the EigenLayer ecosystem.
  7. Further interaction with projects using the EigenLayer protocol can earn you additional EigenLayer points and make you eligible for speculative airdrops, such as SWELL tokens from Swell or points from ether.fi and Renzo.

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Task 2: Testnet

  1. Visit the EigenLayer testnet page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and change the network to Goerli.
  3. Test with Lido’s stETH and Rocket Pool’s rETH pools, acquiring stETH and rETH.
  4. Use a faucet to get Goerli ETH and send it to Lido’s stETH token contract address.
  5. Visit the Rocket Pool testnet page and stake your Goerli ETH to get Rocket Pool’s rETH.
  6. Go back to the EigenLayer testnet page, stake your rETH in the “Rocket Pool ETH” pool, and stake your stETH in the “Lido Staked Ether” pool.

Additionally, users should verify themselves with Gitcoin Passport for added security, ensuring proof of humanity and reducing the risk of bot activity. While EigenLayer’s potential token launch and airdrops are speculative, creating a Gitcoin Passport and accumulating stamps may increase the likelihood of consideration for airdrops by other projects.

It’s essential to note that there is no guarantee of EigenLayer conducting an airdrop or launching their own token; it remains speculative at this point.


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