The cypherpunk movement promotes the use of cryptography and other privacy-focused technologies to advance social

Curve AMO

Curve is a software that uses multiple cryptocurrencies to operate an automated market maker (AMM)


A custodian is responsible for safely holding assets for an institution or individual for a


Custody is a financial institution's legal capacity to keep and preserve financial assets for its

Cryptocurrency Pairs

Exchanges utilize cryptocurrency pairs in order to facilitate the trade between different tokens.


Custodial cryptocurrency businesses are the ones that are in possession of their customers’ funds for


The practice of new projects to raise funds through DOT or KSM tokens for slots

Currency Crisis

A currency crisis is termed as a financial emergency in which a country's fiat currency


Currency is a medium of exchange that defines value.


A collection of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens.


Cryptology is the scientific study of cryptography as well as cryptanalysis.


The use of another party’s computer to mine cryptocurrency without their consent.


A field of study and practice to secure information, preventing third parties from reading information

Cryptographic Hash Function

Cryptographic hash functions produce a fixed-size hash value from a variable-size transaction input.


Cross-chain is a technology that enhances the interconnection between blockchain networks by allowing the exchange

Craig Wright

Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist associated with Bitcoin SV.

Cryptocurrency Money Laundering

Cryptocurrency money laundering is a method criminals use to legitimize and enshroud funds by changing

Cross-chain Contract Calls

Cross-chain contract calls allow information, cryptocurrencies or NFTs, which would otherwise be constrained to their